Date filter not working

Hi, When you try to filter grid by date with filter type equal it is not working if this field in database is datetime with value 2016-10-17 17:07:22.717. You can check Entity Framework function...

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Sorting issue ascending, descending values

I created a grid with money values. At first I thought the money format (not pictured) was causing the issue, but it looks like the ascending/descending sort on a numeric value only accounts for th...

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Encrypt id in query string

Hi friends , I am working on MVC application . My question id when i click a record to edit its id become visible like plain text i want to know how to encrypt that so no one can understand that ...

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My grid looks nothing like the example

Hi, I'm very new to MVC and .NET programming. I was very excited by the features and power of Grid.Mvc, but once installed and with a sample grid, I fail to get the look and feel of the examples. ...

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Not a big deal, but there is a misspelling of a word in one of the method tooltips. See the attachment.

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Display image with grid mvc

How to Display image with grid mvc.

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Expose AfterItems

Suggestion - Is it possible to change GridBase's AfterItems to public (instead of protected) so it can be accessible by others?

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html tags in grid

Hi, please help, I am new to MVC apps. I need to add the <audio> tag to the grid cell. Grid is based on the model, as the data type for the cell with the <audio> I tried to use string and htmlstrin...

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grid.mvc bind by datatable

hi , this is very nice grid , i like it. but i am not able to bind this grid when i am returning dynamic datatable from controller , can you please suggest me how can i bind dynamic datatable fro...

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Sorting columns not working as expected

Web page is rendered using Grid MVC with columns/titles set as sortable user action: click on a column title the expectation is: Grid MVC will handle the sorting and refresh the grid in new so...

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