Update Grid with new data

May 14, 2015 at 2:53 AM

I am facing a problem when updating the grid with some new data. I have a search box and when the search is being done i populate the grid with the new data. When the page is being populated for the first time everything workfs fine. The grid is placed in a partial view. Now i retrieve the data with an ajax call against my database and I can populate the grid with the new data, but after that i cannot use the sorting, filtering, paging functionality. Now i have also tried to put the initialisation code for the grid grid-mvc.gridmvc() but after that the grid is no more "ajaxified" and all my data is lost but then I can sort, filter etc. (even though my grid is then empty).

Is there some workaround on this ? For my it would be enough to update just the model being used. Can knockout be used to update the model used in the grid ? Is there an example with knockout being used ? Maybe some other apporach ?