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Mar 13 at 11:40 PM
I have an action result like this where I take dropdown values to limit query results:
public ActionResult RequestList(OrdersViewModel obj)
        var source = from i in db.RequestsWithHours select i;

        if (obj.SubmittorName != null )
            source = source.Where(z => z.RequesterID == obj.SubmittorName);
This works fine for page 1, but when I press page 2, obj is null and the query reverts to all records.

@Html.Grid(Model.Data).Columns(columns =>
    columns.Add(o =>o.RequestNum).Titled("Number")
    columns.Add(z => z.Status).Sortable(true);
How do I preserve the obj values from the paging actionresult?
Mar 15 at 4:53 PM
Anybody have any ideas? Any help or direction would be appreciated.