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There was some changes, that break backward capability during migration from 2.x to 3.x grid version.
To update your version - just install new grid package (replace all package files with the new one). If you made any changes with grid template files - it will be lost, I recomend to save this changes, before updating.


Grid.mvc builds other layout (compatible with bootstrap 3) and if you has any custom styles for grid - they may not apply for Grid.Mvc 3. In this case - change your style rules (selectors etc)

Custom filter widgets

Grid.Mvc 3 support multiple filter values per one column, also filter widget need to return array of filter values. Please see updated article Creating custom filter widget

Client side

Now onRowSelect method pass Event argument intead of row. Use Event.row property to get row object:

pageGrids.ordersGrid.onRowSelect(function (e) {

Custom renderers

Grid renderers interface are splited to cell renderers and header renderers. If you have custom header renderers use IGridColumnHeaderRenderer

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